Scarred Pinkies

from by Walter Etc.

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Ah here lies all hope of being normal, all chance of an epic fate
bussing tables in Lake Tahoe, eating scraps off stranger's plates

Ah won't you cure me?
Take me to your bug out location off the grid
I'll tell you how I scarred my pinkies
and we'll await armageddon

Or take a long nap...

Then teach me to write well
and clean my lungs
watch the love of my life sewing dresses on fireflies
go and get me some real drugs to paint my blood
all while the thighs of women have lost their church
and the hands of men are shaking in the search

Prepare for the worst
your melanoma just called, said how 'bout spritzers tomorrow?

Cause all agree we're chomping at the bit
you're little demon girl, she's turned into a saint and she's a lady now
and it's your job to tell her about
all the bliss and decadence
straight to hell, might as well
clock out now and rail that cinnamon

(Cause all agree to some degree
in pig latin or laymen's terms,
the cops knocked someone soon might let them in.
They'll find our strawberry cough, they'll find the secret voice that shepherds towards the droughts in our thoughts until it snows,
listen i know you know this,
i'm losing it)

Remember to clean your lungs,

Ah here lies a crumbled Famous Amos, a sorry birthday cake
forgotten what your name is
pardon me, my mistake
I took a long nap
and woke up a buss boy.


from Always Leaving, released January 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra

Playing under the name Walter Etc. now, mostly so we don't get sued.

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